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Life Groups

Our small groups gather at various times, including Sunday mornings, Sunday nights, and Wednesday nights.
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 Care Network

The Care Network is a church-wide team of men and women, each dedicated to caring for a small group of families and individuals. by the book “Can the Pastor do it Alone” by Dr. Melvin Steinbron, these “Care Pastors” are trained to provide care for their group with five points of contact; a personal home visit, Sunday connections, times of crisis, monthly phone contact, and special days of celebration. Care Pastor is held accountable to a standard defined with the acronym C.A.R.E.;

  • C – Contact each family in a prescribed way.

  • A – Availability — be available to your flock.

  • R – Remember — to pray for each family regularly.

  • E – Example — to provide a Christian example.

 Wednesday Night Prayer Service

Wednesday night at First Assembly is a special time for the congregation to assemble together for a single purpose; to engage in individual and corporate prayer. is focused in these areas; our country, families, marriages, pastors, salvations, healing, and revival. worship music and teaching is provided, but the essential ingredient on Wednesday night is prayer.

Adult Choir & Worship Team Ministry

The purpose of the Music Ministry at First Assembly is to lead the congregation into a lifestyle of worship; where they worship God, not only in the services, but also by the lifestyle they lead the rest of the week.  The Band and Worship Team comprises of people chosen by audition at the discretion of the Music Director.

Samuel Generation Kid’s Ministry—Sunday

Samuel Generation Kid’s Ministry encompasses both small and larger group services where boys and girls experience God through worship, prayer, and a weekly age-appropriate message.  Samuel Generation includes Sunday School and Sunday morning worship service.

Kid’s Adventure Club—Wednesday

Kid’s Adventure Club is a small-group based ministry, focused for children ages 6-11.  The children learn about the Bible, prayer, and worship in age-separated classrooms.  This aids communication in helping them understand and retain a deeper knowledge of The Word.  Kid’s Adventure Club meets every Wednesday night at 6:30pm.

R&H Student Ministries

R&H is our student ministry service that meets every Wednesday night, where youth have an opportunity to experience God, connect with others, and learn to walk out what they believe.  R&H is about students finding purpose for life and sharing that with their friends, while also knowing there is a God who loves them and wants to impact every area of their life.  Hope is here for you; Open to everyone; Passionate about God; and Excited about life.  We desire to provide an environment where students can worship Jesus, know who they are in Christ, and be sent out to impact their world.


Refuge is an outreach to the students in our community on Wednesday evenings, for ages 11-18.  Here the students are introduced to God and offered an environment to develop healthy relationships through activities such as basketball, café, board games, and more!

Men’s Ministry

This ministry helps disciple men so they can become devoted followers of Christ and leaders in their family, church, and community.  The leaders create an environment for men to grow together in life’s adventures, build strong relationships, and provide a place to come and share their needs, blessings, and triumphs.

Women’s Ministry

Women’s Ministry helps ladies grow in their relationship with Christ.  This is done by helping them find their own unique gifts and talents.  These gifts can then be used to help them grow into a spiritually strong team of servant leaders.  In turn, these leaders will seek out ways to effectively encourage, equip, and evangelize other women, in and outside the church.

Arbol De Vida Hispanic Church

First Assembly helps serve the Hispanic people of our church and community by providing them with a facility to hold church services where they can receive ministry and minister to each other.  They meet in the Fellowship Hall on Sunday nights at 6pm and Wednesday nights at 6:30pm.

Usher Ministry

Ushers welcome everyone to our sanctuary and assist them in finding seating or provide other information about the church.  They distribute special hand-outs when requested and receive the offering.

Prayer Chain

The church receives prayer requests from members asking us to pray for their immediate and extended families, friends, work colleagues, or acquaintances.  These requests are sent to the coordinator who disseminates them throughout the chain, prompting the participants to pray fervently for these people and their requests.

Nursing Home Ministry

A team of volunteers from First Assembly provides a church service to those unable to attend a regular service including music, preaching of the Word, and prayer.  They also bring encouragement and a caring concern for people who society sometimes forgets.

Van Ministry

There are many within the community who are unable to get to the church.  On Sunday, Wednesday and Friday, we have a team of volunteers who go out and pick up these youth and adults, within a 2 mile radius of the church, to help them be a part of our church community.

Food for the Bereaved

Volunteers from our church prepare food for the funerals of church members or their immediate family.  The coordinator of this ministry and her team deliver the food to the place designated by the family and stay to serve and clean up after the meal.

Hospitality Center

The Hospitality Center is located in the front foyer. Books are available for sale.  There is also information on upcoming special events. Open Sunday mornings from 10:10 to 10:30.


Each week, volunteers greet and meet people at the doors, offering them our newsletters.  Often they guide visitors to ushers or others that can answer questions and assist them.

Bridges of Hope

A ministry to the people of Bay County through a community service outreach by providing a food pantry and a thrift store open every Tuesday from 10:00am – 12:00pm.

Off-Campus Support Ministries

These services are provided to support the congregation when they find themselves in need of assistance.

Prepare the House

Various activities are provided to keep the church campus in good repair, secure and ready for service to our King.  Other activities serve the congregation during services and times of bereavement.